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Flower Powder my skin

85 ml

Flower powder for gentle cleansing of all skin types.

Kč 880
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FLOWER POWDER is a blend of ground flower petals to cleanse the skin.
Cleansing with flower powder is not like your usual cleanser.

Flower My Skin by Cream.ly is a gentle and sufficient morning skin cleanse. The powder does not contain surfactants, preservatives, perfumery fragrances and mineral oils, the mixture gently cleanses, protects and nourishes the skin without disturbing its balance.

Active ingredients:

Cornstarch (softens skin)
Chamomile flowers (soothing and healing ingredient)
Colloidal oatmeal (nourishing effect)
White clay (anti-aging effect)
Lavender flowers (soothes the skin, relieves inflammation)
Horse chestnut seeds (reduce couperose)
Aloe (moisturizing)

Use the powder in the morning and evening if you don’t need to remove makeup.
Mix a small amount of flower powder with water in your hand (to a mushy state) and apply it on your face. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

cornstarch (softens the skin)
chamomile flowers (soothing and healing ingredient),
oatmeal (nourishes the skin),
pink clay (anti-aging effect),
rose flowers (increase collagen production),
lavender flowers (soothes the skin, reduces inflammation),
horse chestnut seeds (reduce rosacea),
aloe (moisture)

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