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Gray Silver Mask

This gentle and highly effective mask with a powerful combination of active ingredients: bamboo charcoal, silver and hyaluronic acid, is specially designed for oily, problematic and sensitive skin. Bamboo charcoal, improves the structure of the skin of the face, cleanses from accumulated toxins, narrows the pores of the skin without plastic intervention.
Silver, which is part of the composition, has a rejuvenating effect, relieves acne, treats inflammatory processes of the skin, stimulates the defenses of the skin, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, relieves puffiness, protects against ultraviolet radiation. Jojoba oil softens, nourishes and refreshes, restores lipid balance, improves blood circulation and lymph drainage, stimulates regeneration processes, increases firmness and elasticity, has a bactericidal effect.

Apply the mask in a thin layer on the face, including the area around the eyes, for 15-20 minutes, after which the mask must be washed off.

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